Monumental Documentary

How To Assemble, Take Back Your Country and Return the Power To "We The People" (Destry Payne)

His Hard Line

   His Hard Line podcasts on TM 2000-25

    His Hard Line podcasts on Assembly

 We The People Are Assembling-They Can't Stop What's Coming (Josh Lehman)

 Jural Assemblies for Dummies - Part 1 (Josh Lehman)

 Jural Assemblies for Dummies - Part 2 (Josh Lehman)

Jural Assemblies for Dummies - Part 3 (Josh Lehman)

Red Beckman Video Series

    1.  We the People Are Above The Government

    2.  Fully Informed Jury

    3.  Grand Jury - IRS - Voluntary Compliance

    4.  Democracy vs. Republic

     6.  Fully Informed Jury

    7.  Truth About Grand Juries

    9.  Grand Juries vs. Trial Juries

   10. Investments in the Future

   12. 16th Amendment - The Law that Never Was