A Common Law Grand Jury is taken from the Magna Carta of 1215 AD, was part of our judicial system prior to the Civil War and has a higher authority than the US Supreme Court. It is based on the Laws of Nature and Nature’s GOD.

In a 1992 Supreme Court case, US vs. Williams in which Justice Antonin Scalia wrote the majority decision, he stated the Common Law Grand Jury is neither part of the Legislative, Executive or Judicial branches of government but comes from the 5th Amendment. It is the Fourth branch of government.

For a crime to be committed under Common Law there must be an injured party. There is no crime for a speeding ticket. There is no injured party.

The purposes of a Common Law Grand Jury are:

  1. Protect the innocent from government abuse.
  2. Ensure the bad actors are accused and brought to justice.
  3. Audit every facet of government.

A Common Law Grand Jury is run strictly by the people. No public servants, no attorneys or government employees are involved.